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If you are having celebration of any sort. Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Cocktail party etc. Close up magic is the perfect Ice Breaker.

When done well, Magic brings people together and gets them talking, laughing and relaxing. Whether in your home, at a restaurant, or even a garden party, Andy has the perfect entertainment for you

For large gatherings, Andy has developed complete routines that need no table, and work in his or the spectator's hands. This is known as “Walkabout Magic.” and is perfect as an Ice breaker whilst people mix before dinner, or at a cocktail party, or even outdoors. Remember, Andy has also many routines that he can perform in Spanish, therefore no guests ever feel overlooked.

An experienced Walkabout Magician like Andy can comfortably entertain up to 100 people per hour, 200 people in 2 hours etc. If more coverage than that is needed, given enough notice, Andy can arrange extra, top quality magicians to help.

For smaller, more intimate gatherings of up to 30 people or so, you might prefer a more formal, “Parlour” type show. This combines the best parts of walkaround and stage magic and typically lasts around 30 to 40 Minutes. Usually performed before dinner, this makes an excellent addition to any evening.

Finally, for events held for instance in a bar or restaurant, Andy can also provide a Stage type magic show. This usually performed in addition to a walkaround set and lasts around 25 minutes. This is perfect for instance, if a band is also booked, and can provide entertainment during one of their intervals.

Of course, for the stage show, Andy has his own sound system and microphone and is completely self contained.