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Interested in magic? Do you want to learn some tricks to entertain your friends and family or do you just like watching or discussing it? Read on to find out where to find out more about the wonderful art of magic.

There are many resources now, both in print, on the internet, and at magic clubs and conventions.

Internet:- Two good sites for chatting about magic, and, if you perform a few tricks, maybe getting some hints and tips are,

Magic Bunny, an English Site on www.magicbunny.co.uk and an American site called ďMagic cafeĒ on www.themagiccafe.com

Also for finding out whatís going on in the world of magic, if there are any gigs in your area, and what magic is coming on TV, check out Duncan Trilloís www.magicweek.co.uk This site also has a list of magic clubs throughout the UK

Books and Videos are an excellent way of learning magic. One of the best books for beginners is ďMark Wilsonís Complete Course in magic.Ē It covers everything from Simple card tricks, to Full blown Illusions, and everything in between, all in a simple to follow style. Itís available from www.amazon.co.uk

Check out your local magic shop for tricks, books, Videos etc. If you donít have a local shop, there are plenty on the internet. I shop a lot from www.magicbox.uk.com , Knowledgeable people with good service.

Finally. Check out www.blackpoolmagic.com for details of the best magic weekend in the world. Lectures, shows and Dealer stands from Friday to Sunday, usually the last weekend in February. I regularly fly back to England just to attend this convention. You donít have to be a magician to go, just have a love of magic.

If you love magic GO TO THIS EVENT. Iíll see you there.