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If you own or manage a Restaurant, Hotel or Bar, Andy can provide the perfect entertainment either on a regular basis, or for your next feature night or celebration.

Most importantly, close up magic is great entertainment, that gets people talking about your

establishment, and often has them bringing friends and family back to see the next performance.

Also, in a restaurant, people often show up all at the same time, and a magician is the perfect way to fill any spaces between orders being taken and delivered.

All of Andy’s restaurant routines, are designed to work, “in the hands and out of the pockets.” This means that everyone at the table can see the effects without moving flowers etc on the table, and no space is taken up with cases bags or props.

Over countless restaurant performances, Andy has become very adept at timing his performances to avoid the arrival of food, and provides no disruption at all to the smooth running of your restaurant.

In a Bar, a big advantage of Close up magic, is that as Andy is performing one table at a time, there is no disruption to the flow of drinks being served. Also, Andy can provide a short stand up show before or after the close up sessions. This serves to keep people in your bar ( and spending!) whilst they anticipate either their own personal close up show, or the stand up show at the end.

For hotels, Andy can obviously provide either or both of the above services.